Skip the Time for the Food, Skip the Dishes Fails Again

Wow what an age we live in… This day we can order pretty much anything for delivery… Started out with Flowers to anywhere, and then it branched out to pizza within x time or its free.  Now we have a jam-packed amount of options from the All Day Breakfast to the Latest in Shawarma or Thai Food.  You know the way the restaurants do it is hire a service (like Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes, Just Eat, and many more) and through the service they place and pay the order where the restaurant makes the dish and then a driver delivers it.

Now unlike the pizza delivery there is only an estimate time, not a guaranteed time (go figure).  There are two methods of ordering: (1) you set the time a.s.a.p (As soon as possible) or (2) you pre set the time within 12-24 hrs.  Either way on most apps (applications) they show you the current progress / delivery time / and sometimes where the driver is.

Wow sounds like an amazing idea, we know not everyone can get out to the restaurants (for one reason or another) or sometimes you just don’t feel like coking when you get home…

But wait… The Time Posted after ordering is not the guaranteed time but only an estimated time, so you really cannot base your schedule on it (like you would expect to).  You ask the service why the delay and they already have every excuse in the book to respond with.

I personally think the time should be a guaranteed time this day and age!  The human factor makes it so it cannot be a guaranteed time but then in my book the tip (if any) goes down if its late!!!  I know its not the drivers fault (Most of the time) but I’m the customer and it’s my money!!!  In my field when I quote on time or amounts I have to stick to them, if I can’t then I have to take the demerit not the customer!!!  It should be the same with the Delivery Services too!!! If they can’t make the guaranteed time then the food should be free (just like the pizza’s guaranteed time before – 30 mins or free, and so on)…

What do you think?… Disappointing?

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