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  • Customer Sick and Tired of Weather Info at the Airport.
  • Needed to know Current Conditions for a Specific Area, not an Airport.
  • Would Like more info then Temperature if possible.
  • If it can Forecast, it would be welcomed.
  • Able to Show in Multiple Locations if Possible.
  • Need to have a Night Mode.
  • System must be affordable.

On-Site Inspection

  • Main Location of Display can have a Wi-Fi 100% Signal.
  • Extra Power is at Location of Display.
  • Existing network to connect to Internet is secure.
  • Company wants to administrate from one location with the ability to move if needed.
  • Company also wants to Show Only Display, Wants to Hide any Controllers.
  • No audio is needed and Night Mode is a must.
  • Company Also wants to have Radar if possible.


  • Found Existing Software that meets all requirements plus extras if needed.
  • Location of Software is:
  • Hardware Needed is a Raspberry Pi 3 SoC with case and power supply.
  • RPi3 can be powered and concealed behind display monitor.
  • PiClock can be setup as a server and remotely sent securely to any local display and a RPi3 via VNC in secure mode.
  • Connection via Wi-Fi with Power off of Monitor.
  • After setting up a Free Online Account with Weather Underground all Info Customer Needs is updated every 15 Minutes.
  • Small ups battery (allowing up to 12 hrs of power fully charged) for Display and Data Gathering.
  • Software can be Updated on command if needed via Remote Control.
  • If Needed a Wireless Keyboard can be connected and Extra Colour Changing LEDs can be installed.


  • After Installed Costumer was very pleased.
  • Only Main Display is setup now but the extra Displays will be installed in the near future.
  • Display is Using Built-In HMDI video for Hi-Res Mode of Screens.
  • Customer has access to Current Conditions, Radar, Forecasting, Pressure, What Area Feels Like, and most important can see all info when needed.
  • Main Page has Overview Radar, Secondary Page has Zoomed in and Extreme Area Radar.
  • System is set to run for years to come.
  • Customer is happy and wants to add more Displays at Site.
  • For Information on Screens see above and below pics.

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