Social media and very poor customer service

In today’s market being a company you need to have a web presence, without one means your completion is responding to all your possible customers and future sales. At one time the only presence on the web was Facebook (both for personal and companies).  This age we now have multiple social services that thrive on user competition.  Places like Facebook need to realise they are not the only ones doing social media and look to keeping users by giving them great customer service.  The companies that do not listen to their users then they will lose those same users to the other social services.

Well it seems Facebook is a waste of time after all. Their Security Procedures are a Joke (No matter what they claim).  I speak from experience, Currently I’m getting Friend Suggestions from Facebook that have nothing to do with me or any of my friends (all the way from Asian Communities, where I have never been before). So I went into the Security preferences to set up the suggestions to only look into mutual friend suggestions, and low and behold I get more and more people from the Asian Communities suggesting being my friends speaking languages I have no idea about with nothing mutual at all.

Next I contact Facebook and after 1 month of nothing from them I am getting more and more Asian Community Friend Suggestions.  I’m getting sick and tired of it and am wondering now if this company really needs a Facebook presence.  If Facebook cannot do their jobs at what they claim then BLCOMP might just choose one of the many other social networks to be associated with (Again Facebook is not the only one anymore).

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