System Integration / Update – BAS – Case Study


  • Environment: Factory
  • Customer wants to update and calibrate all controls throughout building with updated graphics package.
  • Work has to be done during day and cannot disturb process of goods.
  • System must be maintained while being upgraded.

On-Site Inspection

  • Three of controls must be updated by being replaced.
  • Total of 3x zones for lighting control.
  • Total of 17x Air Handling Units (AHU’s) and 3 controls are not working.
  • Backup Generator control needs to be re-commissioned.
  • 2x boilers on site working under control.
  • Master controller is outdated and needs to be replaced.
  • 9x temperature stats are not working.
  • All Supply Air Temperature (SAT) sensors need calibrating.
  • Current graphics package needs a lighting interface and AHU’s need updating.
  • Electrical Meter needs calibrating.


  • Received updated auto-cad floor plans for factory to develop new graphics package interface for lighting, boilers, AHU’s, electrical meter and Alarm Integration.
  • Re-Commissioned Electrical Meter and reset counter to mimic counter on meter.
  • All SAT sensors needed replacement not calibrating.
  • 9x Zone temps were replaced.
  • Verified all boiler functions with alarms.
  • Backup Generator control re-commissioned.
  • All AHU’s were brought up to standards and commissioned.
  • All controllers were brought up to spec (rom / software) with updated programming.
  • All data points were trended for operator’s needs.
  • Master controller was updated and setup for new setup.
  • Alarm Notification was setup to work with customer off site of operator’s chosen alarms.


  • Updated schedules for AHU’s and lighting are now quickly changed.
  • Customer now has all controllers updated with new programming and fail safe alarms.
  • Email notification to the customer’s employees with offsite monitoring.
  • All Zone Temperatures and SAT are now showing right temps.
  • All points are now trended for data playback when needed.
  • Customer / Operators can view the BAS Main Computer from any computer on the network.
  • With correct access levels based on the BAS security, any remote person can alter set points or change schedules or override any device connected to the system.
  • System is now efficient and is saving the customer money on costs of operating the building.


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