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Raspberry Pi Weather Station w/LCD Display – Project – Case Study

Scenario Environment: Personal / Commercial / Industrial Customer wants to have up to date weather data for their area that can be logged / trended for later retrieval. Optional Internal Temperature Reading for Trending Status. Ability to control an external … Continue reading

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System Integration / Update – BAS – Case Study

Scenario Environment: Factory Customer wants to update and calibrate all controls throughout building with updated graphics package. Work has to be done during day and cannot disturb process of goods. System must be maintained while being upgraded. On-Site Inspection Three … Continue reading

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Company Move – IT – Case Study

Scenario Environment: Fair Sized Company Has three business units close by to each other and wants to move to a bigger unit. Time is a factor, one weekend to perform the move. Multiple departments with multiple requirements. On-Site Inspection New … Continue reading

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Network Setup – IT – Case Study

Scenario Environment: Small Company Customer wants to setup a small network in a newly acquired basement of a building. Building is an old Bomb Storage building with very thick cement walls around the parameter. Internal walls are currently being constructed. … Continue reading

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