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Smart Clock – IT – Case Study

Scenario Customer Sick and Tired of Weather Info at the Airport. Needed to know Current Conditions for a Specific Area, not an Airport. Would Like more info then Temperature if possible. If it can Forecast, it would be welcomed. Able … Continue reading

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Lawnmowers in Space?

Sounds like a cheap Hollywood movie title, but the people with cloute (a group of realy pissed-off astronomers) say a new concept will interfere with thier radio telescopes.  The concept I speak of is the company Roomba (who we know for the … Continue reading

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Camera Install – IT – Case Study

Scenario Site to Monitor is a good size oddly shaped multi units. Placement of Cameras: coverage for parking lots, inside the buildings and outside. Only one systems administrator with limited abilities, will need remote connections. Would like to record and … Continue reading

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DNS Servers – Embedded SOC

Embedded Systems on Chips (SoC) have been around now for a few years… And it lets us in enters do amazing things today that 10 years ago seemed like impossible. An example of such devices would be the Arduino or … Continue reading

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BLCOMP New Ideas

Design Concepts

We here at BLCOMP are always looking to improve our way of life. This being said we are now working on a database based iOS project/checklist/quoting system…. This will help all our workers on site to keep on top of … Continue reading

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