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New Projects for 2020

Yup its that time of year again…. Just like the False Promises we tell each and everyone that were gonna exercise more or loose weight in the new year…. yada yada yada…. But unlike those promises these New Projects will … Continue reading

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Smart Clock – IT – Case Study

Scenario Customer Sick and Tired of Weather Info at the Airport. Needed to know Current Conditions for a Specific Area, not an Airport. Would Like more info then Temperature if possible. If it can Forecast, it would be welcomed. Able … Continue reading

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Lawnmowers in Space?

Sounds like a cheap Hollywood movie title, but the people with cloute (a group of realy pissed-off astronomers) say a new concept will interfere with thier radio telescopes.  The concept I speak of is the company Roomba (who we know for the … Continue reading

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Camera Install – IT – Case Study

Scenario Site to Monitor is a good size oddly shaped multi units. Placement of Cameras: coverage for parking lots, inside the buildings and outside. Only one systems administrator with limited abilities, will need remote connections. Would like to record and … Continue reading

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DNS Servers – Embedded SOC

Embedded Systems on Chips (SoC) have been around now for a few years… And it lets us in enters do amazing things today that 10 years ago seemed like impossible. An example of such devices would be the Arduino or … Continue reading

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BLCOMP New Ideas

Design Concepts

We here at BLCOMP are always looking to improve our way of life. This being said we are now working on a database based iOS project/checklist/quoting system…. This will help all our workers on site to keep on top of … Continue reading

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