The Death of XP?!?


On April 8, 2014 some people said the Windows XP community was going to go the way of Y2K. Well it didn’t. In fact XP registered users were finally allowed the last supported updates to XP. Now the fun begins, XP will no longer be updated and those XP users are forced by Microsoft to Upgrade of newer operating systems. The diehards (who won’t upgrade their os) will keep on using XP for as long as they can, regardless of what Microsoft tells everybody.

What a concept, not doing what a company (and manufacture of the os) suggests (only to receive more revenue) by way of scare-ware threats. If you think of it… What is the problem with XP and using it??? The issues are the security updates are no longer supported… Ok… Let’s say Microsoft burned down to the ground today (for sake of reference) and you still liked the XP os (so far the most stable os of Microsoft today), you would be in the same problem as in today… In this way your computer to get infected is through two ways:

  • (1) No External Firewall Protecting your Network
  • (2) Use of known unsupported programs connecting to the Internet

Well for the first part if you don’t have an external Firewall / Router (and I don’t mean modem firewalls that ISPs let you use) protecting your network today then you get what you deserve: a lot of problems / viruses / Trojans / ect…
The second part to fix is Very Easy… Don’t use the outdated programs to reach the Internet… Such programs would be Outlook, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer… There are many updated supported programs that still run on XP today that can be substituted for the MS equivalents…
Good examples would to use Firefox (for Free) for Internet Browsing…
For Email… One could use the ISP’s web gateway (using Firefox)… But if they must use a local application client then… Use programs like Thunderbird or Pegasus Mail (also both for free)….
Also for added protection install a virus protection service that runs on XP (as of today they all work) and keep it updated.
By making these changes one could run with the XP os for years to come and not have to cave into MS scare tactics and fork over more and more money…

Also note If you were to set up a brand new XP installment today (After April 8, 2014) you would have the ability to update to all security and non security updates up to the April 8 cutoff…

I know one thing… My main XP os programming computer is not going to be updated to windows 7 or 8 anytime soon… It is behind a robust firewall, has the latest antivirus service installed and I do not use Internet explorer (from ms) to view the Internet. As far as email goes… It doesn’t have any email on it (that’s for another computer)… So it will be running XP for a long time….

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