The Joke of Facebook: Update

Hey Facebook, do you know the leader of the Isis Front?
Hey Facebook, do you know the person who beheads their victims?
Hey Facebook, do you know the Asian people who do not speak English?
Hey Facebook, are your workers a bunch of idiots who don’t know their job?
Hey Facebook, are you as a company a joke to the world?

It seems that even after all the security settings have been set correctly to not allow friend suggestions with no mutual friends, I still receive more and more suggestions with no mutual friends at all. Now it’s a daily chore to delete 8-23 new suggestions with no mutual friends, and usually from Asian based countries. Normally I have no issue with Asian based countries, but is is getting worse and I getting sick and tired of it. It looks like I will be removing my Facebook account and going with the many other social media connections. As I said in another article (not too long ago) I’m still waiting for a response from Facebook support (what a joke). If I ignored my customers (that pay my way), I would go bankrupt… Maybe that’s where Facebook is heading…. Time to get out while the getting is good!

All I can say right now is I own all my content on my website, and if Facebook wants to remove it maybe I just might ignore them! Free speech is free speech and if Facebook cannot do their job then nuts to them!

I sorry to vent like this but I usually deal with professionals and not jokers who don’t have a clue how to do their jobs. Too bad it seems when they first started Facebook was a company you could count on, now they are just a joke who steal your personal information and sell it to ad companies.

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