The Problem with Self Governing

This day and age we as a smart collection of people are doing the weirdest and Foolish things we can think of when it comes to self governing ourselves. For whatever reason we elect the only people who want to run for the position (usually the least qualified) because we ourselves do not want the job (or can’t be bothered).  These people who want the job are typically power hungry and think they can do a better job.  In most cases the positions wanted are usually governed by a set of By-Laws, Procedures, Statutes or certain Regulations and in all cases the un-qualified break or misinterpret.  The Bottom Line is the Un-Qualified people get the positions unclear how to do their jobs and rely on other people who position themselves for power positions (not necessary on knowledge of position) and screw up the jobs at hand.

I can see this from the corporate side due to most positions needed to be filled are filled with qualified personal (there are a few exceptions) who know their jobs (again there are a few exceptions) and get the job done (mostly). In the world of Self Governing we see multiple bodies’ augmenting over useless information (just to look important) and extend the necessary time needed to sort out the job needed at the time when important issues are needed and are never addressed in the appointed time.  What we end up seeing is time being wasted (in hopes it will get fixed by someone else) and accountability being passed onto someone else saying it was their entire fault.

Usually the positions for Self Governing should be Filled by Qualified Personal that know the positions and are not in it for themselves (or any Power Trip), of course the unqualified people say they are qualified and know the position at hand.  Since the Real Qualified People don’t want the job (mostly because they know the job at hand) they are the people who should get the position, not the individual who wants the position (where time will tell doesn’t know the position even if they wanted to… They just want the Power and Prestige that goes with it)

In the Corporate World you have at least One Person (Usually Qualified) who calls the shots of the company, not a board of people who waste time and money. The One Person answers to a Board (Representing the Stock Owners / Members) but it’s the One Person that controls the decisions of the corporation and Not the Board (And that Person Should be Qualified for that position).  The minute you make the Board of Directors control the Decisions of the Corporation nothing gets done (On Time) or mistakes keep on happing over and over again (That are never corrected or checked).

Also the CEO / President delegates authority down the chain of managers to keep the work flow up to efficiency and accountability, again no Board of Directors is in Play at any Level with efficiency of work flow exceeds most levels in both profit and non-profit areas.

Can you imagine a Doctor who can’t heal the sick or a Fire Chief who can’t manage to put out fires? Both positions must be qualified to start with (again there are exceptions) or there is trouble in both fields, so what is the difference with Self Governing (They Should be Qualified)?  I agree with the Election Process (to keep if fair and above board) but a stress again that the individuals must be qualified and not use the excuse of it is a volunteering position (to excuse the lack of qualifications).

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