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Web Design has been around since the start of the World Wild Web (www). Anyone can design a static web page with all the free and paid tools out there. Even some tools out there give the impression and functionality of a dynamic page.

If you haven’t guessed yet Static Web Pages are just that, Static with no interaction what so ever. You can have some wow’ed out animation with web links that users/viewers can click anywhere they need to go. This is argumentative because some people think this is Dynamic Design. An example would be the same information on the web page until the creator edits the page.

Dynamic Web Pages are something completely different. They have a Front End and a Back End. The users/viewers can only see the Front End. If just only viewing is done then they think it is just a fancy Static Page. The truth is the Back End is interfacing with Raw Data in the background to bring to the Front End. A great example would be some kind of Award Show on TV live. You watch live on the TV and through the web page all current activities are being shown with some cases of not having to refresh the web browser.

The Static Web Page is the easiest page to design. The Dynamic Web Page is the most difficult page to design only due to the fact of all the other interfaces needed to be working with all the updated data added. Sometimes in the background you have 1-100+ people working on updating the raw data into 1+ databases and its the job of the web creator to use that data in a dynamic way.

I myself can design both web styles. This sight is a great example. If you have any ideas or questions please contact myself or send some comments below. I will try to answer all questions as best as I can!

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