What is 4K TV, and should I invest in it?!?

OK you spent the investment to give yourself a Very Nice Media Environment for you TV / Video system. Including yourself and a lot of people, you upgraded whatever the old TV set was to the latest HDTV and thought wow what a picture… Even the Blue-ray and DVDs look good with it….

After spending all that money you now hear someone say something like 4K-TV… Well that’s the new Tech on the block. it now updates 4000+ pixels on the screen at the same time allowing the user’s experience to be wowed and amazed. One would think “When will it Ever Stop???”, but if it stopped then we still might be viewing Black and White CRT TVs or just listening to radio broadcasts. As technology keeps improving and enhancing, we the users / buyers keep getting more tech for the buck and many more features for lower prices.

With 4K TVs being the new Tech it only goes to show that they are the most expensive. If you look at one of the benefits you might just waiver the cost, and that is the beautiful resolution one gets with the 4K display. When the screen shows a diagonal line on a first generation LCD screen the watcher saw a very jaded line representing the line on the screen. This is an old story in the computer field when graphic displays could only show so many pixels on the screen, but as technology increased and graphics displays improved the lines displayed more and more realistic improvements. The same is for 4K TVs, with the added number of Pixels to the display the viewer can now see a much more realistic display than before. Even in the CRT days one saw pixel-action to a degree.

And now for the Big Question… Should I scrap what I invested in and buy a new 4K TV??? I can not answer that for you… It’s safe to say if you are reading this article then you already question what you have in your media room… Yes it is a better display than what you have now, and yes it probably has more features than what you have… Do you need it??? What and when will the next Big TV tech they will come out with??? Another thing to ask yourself is will the new TV support everything you supply to it, or do you need to upgrade more items to it??? Not everyone’s media setup is the same (Unlike what the so-called store experts say at the store)… Also does the TV Service connecting to the House support 4K yet and How Much??? To display standard Cable on a HDTV it terrible, to display it on a UHTV is a Joke.

Am I going to invest into the new 4K TV’s, not now… I use the Manta let all the Guinea pigs work out the issues / problems first and by that time the price will come down with all the services supporting 4K will then be in my area.

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