Windows Update 8.1 – Fact or Fiction

Like everyone out there in business, I use multiple devices for doing my day-to-day business. When Microsoft decided to block Google Email and Google Calendars due to Politics and name calling (like little children) they did more than they thought. What they caused is a lot of loyal customers (myself one of them) to review of using their Microsoft Devices if doing further business. I have a few computers and tablets that use Windows for connivence and ease of use. I even program a fair part of my support software and drivers using Microsoft Software. The fact they want to block other companies and Internet solutions causes one to think of other means to get the job done.

Bringing out the windows update 8.1 (I Loved the Price – Free, so unlike Microsoft), it now supports again google email. Wow… And No big Announcements like they did when they blocked the service?!? For know I will start using my Microsoft Products again (their main intent) and not reformat / reinstall someone’s other programs / operating systems.


Let’s face it Microsoft, you don’t have a great track record. Windows Vista, Win 98, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 8.0… Just to name a few products… To start / continue feuds with your competition and charging prices that seem outrageous while those same competition bring out very similar products / operating systems seems a bit risky… What might be a smart idea is to form an alliance with your competition and creat a working standard… And say keep it open sourced… And who knows… Free?!? You will get back your market share that’s for sure…. Just think… Your customers coming back and defending you, not shaming you!!!

As with Windows 8.1 and the new features… I believe they should have put those features into windows 8.0 (like the start window button in desktop, or the multitude of icon sizes in the start menu, ect….). Being a windows user from the days of dos 2.0 I’ve supported Microsoft and seen it all… I’m a programmer from before those days and know what it takes to make a compact program or OS. I also know the beta testing should not be done by the customers and charge them for it. Microsoft you once set the standard for anything PC, try to get back to that and not go the way of IBM!

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