Would I Buy a iPhone 5 or a Samsung Galaxy S III or some Windows Phone?

Wow… Good question… If you read all my prior posts regarding phones and devices… You would suspect I would be an apple booster…. Well I’m not…. Let’s just say the apple iPhone / iPad platforms served me better in the past…

Will they serve me in the future? Will Google? Or even Microsoft???

All the platforms’s (os’s) all have pros and cons… Like anything else out there…. But the new tech put into phones / tablets these days are very nice… Not like say 10 yrs. ago… When texting was all the rage (no media)… And let’s face it… We as consumers Love completion between vendors… It brings out the cheaper prices with better tech… Ya I know they cost… But All New tech costs at first… Then when the next version comes out the existing tech gets cheaper…. That’s been going on since the days of the 8-bit home computers….

Let’s see some of the pros and cons….

Common in all Platforms

More memory (defiantly a pro)
Faster Processing (again defiantly a pro)
Bigger Screens (again defiantly a pro)
More device integration (ie gps, wifi, maps, ect….)
More and more better Apps (again defiantly a pro)
Increased Battery Life (always a pro)
Facebook Connections (a conn in my book)
NFC (another conn in my book) – explain later….
Weight (not all phones are created equal)
Changing of external ports in newer models (a necessity but come on leave a standard)
Only some models offer backward compatibly (not good when upgrading)
Some models force you to upgrade to get the new features (software / hardware)

All in all… Before you buy, check out everything you need to checkout besides the price. Make sure that the new device you will be able to use and justify all the options you really need.
The old saying goes “You get what You pay for”… Cheaper is not always better… And sometimes The Most expensive price is also a waste of money…

I for one will get the new iPhone 5… For three reasons… (All related to me and me alone) …
(1) It has All the Features I need.
(2) I can use my past purchases (apps) with my current data.
(3) Facebook connections can be blocked and no NFC connections….

Why don’t I like Facebook??? Simple… I don’t agree with their policy’s regarding to ownership of content.

Why don’t I like NFC??? Have you gotten a new passport lately??? Did you have the NFC setup in it??? What was the first thing you did after getting that new passport??? Stuck it in a NFC protected shield right? What’s the point? Oh yea… You didn’t what anybody with an off the shelf scanner (bought at any electronics store for less than $30) to high jack your information in the passport… Well it goes with any device that has NFC out there… Ya I know on a smart device you can turn it on and off… But if you ever looked at the protocol of the NFC… While it would be active someone can scan your info… Let’s say maybe your credit card at the time… Example: Your at the local Donut Shop paying for your whatever and somebody standing next to you is scanning all of the cards with a scanner… It could be hidden anywhere and you’ll never know it until your credit card bill comes in… Yeh I know you can cancel it with the card people… But that’s a lot of hassle for something that could be avoided… And by the way… Some card company’s only fix the first three times that happens… Until they fix and improve the NFC spec I for one will Not use it…

Like I said… The new iPhone 5 has no NFC yet…. Which is great for me.

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