Wow, Net Neutrality… Now what?!?



Chalk it up to the USA Litigation Gain… For the people… Ya Right!!! More Like who pays the most!!!

The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia on Tuesday struck down the Federal Communications Commission’s 2010 order that imposed network neutrality regulations on wire line broadband services. The ruling is a major victory for telecom and cable companies who have fought all net neutrality restrictions vociferously for years. [1]

For anyone who lives in a market with limited competition for home broadband services, the court (United States Court of Appeals) does acknowledge that you might have some “difficulty” in finding another provider but says that it’s still not reason enough to restrict what an ISP can do when it comes to managing its own traffic. [1]

“To be sure, some difficulty switching broadband providers is certainly a factor that might contribute to a firm’s having market power, but that itself is not market power,” the court asserts. “There are many industries in which switching between competitors is not instantly achieved, but those industries may still be heavily disciplined by competitive forces because consumers will switch unless there are real barriers.” [1]

It reminds me of a cartoon skit “South Park” when Eric Cartman was Rubbing his chest in front of everybody saying ‘Sure you can switch providers… Oh yeah I forgot… We are the only provider…’ Now how true is that?!? Now the Big Businesses can limit what you see / watch / play with the NSA behind them checking up on you…. Free Internet hmm??? I don’t think so!

So what is the solution??? Good question… It seems no one has an answer! We all have ideas but no one seems to have the one good solution to fix this problem… The old saying is ‘the one who has all the gold makes the rules’… It’s just so sad that the people put those people in power to hurt the people… I know, I know… They are not hurting the people some will say… They are protecting the people… Ya… Then why are they getting found out if it’s legal ? (Right NSA???). And if the only provider who is in a service area with no competition (who is taking money from their customers) can limit or charge extra for content they do not provide is fair then something is defiantly wrong!

Some will say the provider has a right to charge / limit whatever they want or need and if their customers don’t agree with it then they can go elsewhere. True if there are more providers, well what if there is only one provider for that area???

The only thing they are now promoting is the use of encryption in today’s communication habits. VPNs will be the norm to get around the blockage… Pretty sad that we have to resort to this on what was said to be an open system…

Tell us what you think. The idea about net neutrality is no one should be restricted for anything!

[1] External Reference:

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